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35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

With competitions growing on day by day, companies are striving to keep their brands on top of the food chain in order to gain themselves more exposure and making it easier for people to remember their existence. One brilliant way of doing that is to have a mascot for your brand and we’ve seen a lot of companies like Twitter have implemented this successfully.

more cartoon illustrator tutorials 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Now, you may think, sure it’s great but I do not have the budget for a custom-made mascot. Well, how about picking up some basic Adobe Illustrator skills and create one yourself? Last year we’ve showcased 40 Adobe Illustrator tutorials on creating cartoon characters, and in today’s post we are going to pour in some more really helpful tutorials for you!

So fire up your Adobe Illustrator, affirm to yourself that you can do it, go on and try to follow a few of the tutorials. Your very own custom-made mascot may just be a few practices away. Sweet list after jump!

Character Mascot
How to create a vector character mascot from a sketch in Adobe Illustrator CS4.

character mascot 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Cute and Simple Hippo
Simple Illustrator tutorial to creating simple hippo face with Ellipse tools, rectangular tools and the rounded rectangular tools.

simple hippo 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Twitter Bird Character
Learn how to create a cute cartoon Twitter bird with Illustrator.

twitter character 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Making of a Vector Soldier
The following tutorial teaches you how to create a cute vector soldier character, totally in Adobe Illustrator.

vector soldier 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Create a Character Driven-Book Cover Art
Vectortuts+ brings you a great character design tutorial, in which you will learn how to make a character driven book cover art using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

character driven book cover art 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Create a Cute and Cuddly Vector Dinosaur
In the following tutorial you will learn how to create a cute and cuddly vector dinosaur character in Adobe Illustrator.

cute and cuddly vector dinosaur 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Design a Cheeky Koala Mascot Head
This extremely well written tutorial will teach you how to design a cheeky koala mascot head in Adobe Illustrator. While this tutorial isn’t meant for pros, it’s good enough for beginners.

cheeky koala mascot head 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Create a Grumpy Troll Character
Ever thought on how to create a grumpy troll character? I bet not. However, in this tutorial, Chris Spooner will teach you how to make a nice one.

grumpy troll character 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Create a Striped Cat with Illustrator
Andrea Austoni, a talented illustrator from Italy, shows you the creation process of a tiger striped cat, in Adobe Illustrator.

stripped cat 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Design a Cute Hamster Avatar
If you would like to design a cute hamster avatar, then follow this tutorial!

cute hamster avatar 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Create the Face of a Goofy Bunny
The following tutorial teaches how to create the face of a goofy bunny.

face of a bunny goofy 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Create a Cute Vector Reindeer Character
If you wanted to know how to create a cute vector reindeer character in Adobe Illustrator which is great to be used in greeting cards, then follow this step-by-step tutorial.

reindeer character 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Create the Face of a Greedy Monkey
This tutorial shows the creation of a face of a greedy monkey who’s looking for bananas. Will you give him one?

face of a greedy monkey 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Create a Simple Mechanic Character
If you are a novice in Adobe Illustrator, then you should follow this tutorial which teaches how to make a simple yet attracting mechanic character illustration.

mechanic character 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Create a Cute Little Tiger in Illustrator
Create a cute little tiger by using only Adobe Illustrator.

little tiger 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Create an Elegant Patterned Vector Owl in Illustrator
If you’d like to create an elegant patterned vector owl in Adobe Illustrator then take a closer look at this tutorial by Chris Spooner.

elegant patterned vector owl 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Create a Student Character Mascot
Readactor shares a great tutorial in which they share the creation process of a student character mascot with the help of Adobe Illustrator.

student character mascot 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Design a Cool Vector Panda Character
Another great tutorial by Chris Spooner in which he shows off the ways to create a cool vector panda character in Adobe Illustrator.

vector panda character 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Making of: Lady Birds Insect using Adobe Illustrator
An easy-to-follow tutorial which teaches how to create a detailed lady birds insect, by using Adobe Illustrator.

lady bird insects 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

How to Create a Curios Owl
The following tutorial will teach you how to design a curios owl with Adobe Illustrator.

curious owl 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Creating a Great Mascot Illustrator
In this tutorial, Russian artist Alexandra Zutto shows how to build up complex, beautiful images by patiently layering and building up small, straightforward segments, and always varying them to prevent monotony.

master dynamic gradient technique 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Create a Cool Vector Robot In Illustrator
Looking to learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator? In this tutorial you’ll use various tools and techniques to create a simple vector robot character. With this robot being made of lots of basic shapes, it’s a great tutorial for beginners to get to grips with the Illustrator application.

cool vector robot 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Monkey Character Tutorial
With this tutorial you will be creating a monkey character illustration using Adobe Illustrator. You’ll be using basic Shape Tools, the Pen Tool and various other Illustrator techniques to create the illustration.

vector monkey 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Create a Cute Creature Character from Sketch
Create a cute creature from sketch! The tutorial uses custom brushes, Paintbrush tool, Pen tool, and the Live Paint Bucket tool. Even if you are not a huge fan of the cuteness, you can use these techniques for other illustrations, logos, and vector elements.

cute creature character 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Create Textured European Goldfinch Characters
Make an unique design of European Goldfinch with paint splatters and textures. The techniques used will be Live Trace, Pathfinder, Transparency, Distort, Warp and Clipping Masks. You’ll give this character a unique look and fun personality.

textured european goldfinch 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Bring a 3D Creature to Life
How to create an offbeat creature using Illustrator’s 3D Revolve effect.

3d creature 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Vector Penguin Character
Tutorial for beginners, creating a cute vector penguin with Illustrator.

vector penguin 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Face of a Singing Pig
Learn to create a funny singing pig with musical notes and bow tie.

singing pig 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Despicable Me’s Minion
Creating Minion cartoon character in 11 simple steps.

despicable me minion 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Babushka Dolls
How to create a Babushka Doll in Illustrator with Eastern European patterns.

Babushka Doll 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Vector Blue Cat
Turning paper sketched cat into vector with Illustrator.

blue cat 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Cute Piggy Bank
How to create a cute pink piggy bank in perspective.

piggy bank 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Vector Mushroom Character
Step by step Illustrator tutorial to creating a cute mushroom character.

vector mushroom 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Cute Alien in Illustrator
How to make the following cute alien character in Illustrator.

cute alien 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

Monster Character
Create Green Slimey Monster in Illustrator.

monster 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

10 Completely Free Wireframing and Mockup Tools

The wireframing process is the straight-to-the-point and completely non-tech stage of any web project. It only requires that you define a skeletal outline of essential page elements such as headers, footers, navigation and content area and should illustrate how to cater and respond to any possible interaction from a user.
It is the most important, yet underused, stage of any web or apps development.

There are several avenues you could take for sketching a wireframe, most notably pen and paper (the easiest and most cost effective way), but for the sake of this article we have focused on apps that are not only highly effective and easy to use, they are also completely free.

We have covered free wireframe apps before (here), but a year is a long time in web development – some of the apps we had previously covered are either no longer completely free or are no longer available. And as such, we felt that we should compile a new list with more detail and covering all areas of design including web pages, mobile apps and application dev.
As well as showcasing a variety of free apps (11 in total), at the bottom of the post, we have also highlighted some premium wireframing services that do offer free, yet limited, options. You may like to try them.

Please note that all of these apps have been confirmed as completely free on this articles publishing date.

Lumzy - Quick Mockup Creation and Prototyping Tool
With Lumzy, you can create mockups of how your site or application will function by adding events from the extensive list of controls on offer. As well as having great tools for creating your mockup, you can also create Message Alerts, interactive Page Navigation, add Links to external content, and much more. It does offer a great set collaboration tools for live team editing and a chat engine for deliberating over designs. All of this and it is absolutely FREE.
Lumzy Homepage →View Editor →

Lumzy Editor Screenshot

Lumzy Demo

Mockup Builder
Mockup Builder has just recenly been released and looks very promising. It is feature-rich and versatile by allowing you create various prototyping styles, including: UI mockups, interactive wireframes, website layouts, desktop software prototypes and even sitemaps & screen navigation.
Of course, it does come with great collaboration tools for sharing with clients and colleagues. And yes, it is completely FREE.
Mockup Builder Homepage →View Editor →

Mockup Builder Editor Screenshot

Mockup Builder Demo

Tiggr - Creating Prototypes Collaboratively
The idea behind Tiggr (currently in beta) is to give you the resources needed to create prototypes (for web, app or mobile) that look and feel like the final product. It allows you to design from a large number of components, share (via email, Twitter or Facebook), you can collaborate with any number of users and will generate an HTML/JS/CSS so that you can preview your UI mockups very quickly. A 10 second registration (email & password) is the only thing you have to go through to use this fantastic FREE tool.
Tiggr Homepage →

Tiggr Editor Screenshot

Tiggr - Creating Prototypes Collaboratively

Frame Box - Lightweight Online Tool for Creating Mockups
Frame Box does not have an extensive list of features (like the web based apps above). You can drag and drop, re-size and copy/paste the UI units, but its main focus, and why we like it so much, is that it allows you to create your mockup/prototype very, very quickly by using its very easy to use drag and drop interface. Again, this app is FREE and only requires a quick registration.
Frame Box Homepage →

SimpleDiagrams Adobe Air App
SimpleDiagrams (free version) is a tiny Adobe Air app that helps you express your design ideas quickly and simply. Drag & drop symbols from its libraries, add images or post-notes, export as a PNG are all of its features, adding up to just just enough functionality to create a decent mockup.
SimpleDiagrams Homepage →

iPhone Mockup
With iPhone Mockup you have a choice of using either the Pencil styled editor (screenshot above) or the Illustration editor (screenshot below). Whichever editor you decide to use, the functionality remains the same: Its a very simple and easy to use app that allows you to create your own iPhone mockups very quickly, share them with other people at the click of a button, and any changes you make will by synced to everyone who has the mockup’s URL.
iPhone Mockup Homepage →Illustration Editor →Pencil Editor →

iPhone Mockup Editor Screenshot

iPhone Mockup

fluidIA is a downloadable web based design tool for prototyping rich user interfaces. It allows for rapid refinement and exploration of concepts using an object-oriented approach to design. The original idea behind fluidIA is to discover whether a group of interaction designers, IA’s, UX professionals and developers can create there own prototyping tool in an open way. Progress on FluidIA has been a little bit slow recently, but the actual app works perfectly for designing a wireframe mockup.
fluidIA Homepage →Fluidia (GitHub) →

fluidIA Editor Screenshot


Pencil Project
Pencil Project is a free and opensource Firefox addon for designing GUI prototypes. With its built-in stencils you can create linked multi-page UI documents and finally export your mockup in either HTML, PNG, document, Word document or PDF. What more would you want from a wireframing app? This truly is an essential Firefox extension that any serious developer or designer should use.
Pencil Project Homepage →Screenshots →

Pencil Project Editor Screenshot

Pencil Project Screenshots

CogTool - General Purpose UI Prototyping Tool
CogTool is a FREE and powerful general purpose UI prototyping tool with a difference – it automatically evaluates your design with a predictive human performance model (a “cognitive crash dummy”). You simply create a storyboard of your design idea with sketches, images or on a canvas with CogTool’s widgets, demonstrate tasks on that storyboard, then press a button to produce a valid cognitive model predicting how long it will take a skilled user to complete those tasks. CogTool offers a lot of support via its extensive user guides, step-by-step tutorials (video and articles), its forum and also offers example files to help you get started.
CogTool Homepage →

Software Prototyping - Serena Software
Prototype Composer makes it possible to simulate how an application will look and function before any code is ever written. Instead of endless text entries, complex data hierarchies, or too technical UML diagrams, Serena Prototype Composer makes it easy for business users and business analysts to collaborate on requirements by building simple, high fidelity prototypes that simulate a working application. It is a tool for prototyping data, processes, activities and most importantly, user interfaces. The application also works as a fairly easy to use Project Management tool.
The Community Edition is its free version which allows users to work in a sample project as well as in one user-defined project.
Prototype Composer Homepage →

DENIM is a free desktop application that is available for Windows, Unix, and Mac OS X. DENIM describes itself as “an Informal Tool For Early Stage Web Site and UI Design”.
It combines many of the benefits of paper-based sketching with existing electronic prototyping tools. It allows designers to quickly sketch an interface, preserving the important properties of pencil and paper: a rough drawing can be produced quickly and the medium is flexible. However, unlike a paper sketch, this electronic sketch is interactive and can easily be annotated and modified.
DUB – DENIM Homepage →

All of the Wireframe/Prototype/Mockup web-based applications below are premium services that do offer a free, yet limited, option. You may like to try them:

MockFlow: Online Wireframe Tool

MockFlow: Online Wireframe Tool
MockFlow Homepage →

Gliffy – Online Diagram Software and Flowchart Software

Gliffy - Online Diagram Software and Flowchart Software
Gliffy Homepage →

Naview – Create Easier Navigations Through Prototyping and Testing

Naview - Create Easier Navigations Through Prototyping and Testing
Naview Homepage →

iPlotz – Wireframing, Mockups and Prototyping

iPlotz - Wireframing, Mockups and Prototyping
iPlotz Homepage →

Creately – Collaborative Online Diagram Software

Creately - Collaborative Online Diagram Software
Creately Homepage →

FlairBuilder – Wireframes. Mockups. Prototypes

FlairBuilder - Wireframes. Mockups. Prototypes
FlairBuilder Homepage →

Cacoo – Create Diagrams Online

Cacoo - Create Diagrams Online
Cacoo Homepage →

Mockabilly – iPhone app mockup

Mockabilly - iPhone app mockup
Mockabilly Homepage →

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20 Useful Free iPhone and iPad Apps for Designers and Developers

Big shocking news of the day: iPhones and iPads are increasingly popular and widespread and are being used by more and more people. But what’s interesting is this also includes web developers ie. you. And the following list will feature 20 free iPhone and iPad apps for web developers.

While iPhones and iPads appear to be more consumer-driven devices, there are apps on there that can assist in your web development and make your development and design life much easier. Think of it as having sketchbooks, notepads, calculators, communications devices, and more – all in one device. Of course, there are paid apps that provide much more robust development tools, but these free apps will be more than enough to get you started using your iPhone and/or iPad as a web development aid.

Without further ado, here are 20 free iPhone and iPad apps for web developers:


DropBox lets you sync and share files across computers and your iPhone and iPad.


SugarSync is in case you want an alternative to Dropbox. Sync and access files from your other devices and computers.

2X Client

2X Client lets you remotely connect to and work on your Windows computer.


LiveView is a remote screen viewing app that can help you design quick simulations and demos and try out prototypes of your designs. Also useful for designing for mobile apps or web apps for use on mobile devices.

Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas is a digital vector-based sketchbook for drawing and capturing design ideas – which you can then send for further working on to Photoshop and Illustrator.

Doodle Buddy

Doodle Buddy is a doodling app which can let you quickly sketch out design ideas and anything else with your fingers. Colors included.


Evernote lets you capture and store design and development notes, ideas, snapshots, recordings, and anything else for easy finding later on. Paid in-app upgrades if you need more features.

Note Hub

Note Hub is a note-taking app that lets you create projects and add notes, to do lists, drawings, and whatever else.

TaskPad HD

TaskPad HD is a task manager that lets you sync tasks across all of your devices as well as manage your tasks via a web browser.


The official Twitter app for when you need to talk to clients and collaborators via Twitter.


Twitterrific is for those who prefer a different interface for using Twitter to stay connected with clients and collaborators – choice is good.


Skype on your iPhone or iPad – need more be said? Really useful for talking to clients and collaborators, especially when they’re in different parts of the world. It’s free to call if you’re both using Skype, otherwise affordable rates let you call landlines and cell phones.


Fringe is an alternative to Skype. Text chat with people via Skype and other instant messenger accounts and get free calls if you’re both using Fring.


WordPress has an iPhone and iPad app that lets you create and edit posts and pages, moderate comments, and other tasks for your blog or WordPress-powered website.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a super-slimmed down version of Photoshop for when you need to quickly edit and upload photos and images on your iPhone or iPad.

PCalc Lite Calculator

PCalc Lite Calculator is a scientific calculator for when you need exact measurements and calculations for your web development projects and designs. This is the free fully-functional lite version of the paid full calculator app.

MedCommons Prototyper

MedCommons Prototyper helps build SplitView layouts for easy presenting of web content on an iPad by letting you test your HTML5 and Ajax designs for things like rotation and resizing.


Craigsphone is Craigslist for iPad – ’nuff said. For when you need to find clients or work, people to outsource to, and anything else related to your web development and design work.


FontShuffle is useful for finding the right font for your project or just browsing for typography inspiration – hundreds of font families are sorted by similarity.


SkyGrid is a better RSS feed reader – an easy way to browse relevant design and development information and articles.

Over to you: what are your favorite free iPhone and iPad apps for web developers? What other apps should be on this list? Feel free to share your useful additions in the comments section below.

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Examination of Japanese Website Design Trends

Japan plays host to some very impressive website designers. Their skills in the arts cannot be compared and demonstrate a powerful digital force among Internet readers. Luckily understanding how to read Japanese isn’t required to admire their website graphics and animation effects.

We’ll be looking into a few Japanese website designs which have pushed the limits on conventional development. As a designer it’s a refreshing feeling to work with alternate design concepts and build your own unique ideas off these.

Many of the most popular Japanese websites have been built in Flash, and this is no surprise. Although Flash-based websites do not rank very well in Google (at all) they offer a unique user experience which can’t be found anywhere else.

In fact, Flash offers so much extensible content you may be surprised at just what is possible. Motion backgrounds and animated menu effects are just the tipping point on many Adobe Flash powered websites. Intricate portfolio layouts and detailed characters almost spring to life off the webpage.

Flash Design Trends

One overlooked misconception is the loading speed of each page. Because the entire website is Flash-based it will require a large amount of bandwidth to transfer and download all of the page content. This frequently leads to very long loading/splash pages which are a huge loss for potential user experience.

Although in the end it’s difficult to provide any judgement on the Flash-based approach. There are also many Japanese websites which are built off HTML5/CSS3 so I’m not categorizing all layouts as Flash-based. However with such a wide range of out-of-box thinking Japan has shown us a new outlook on envisioning the modern day website design.

It seems the Japanese community is well renowned for their work in the digital animation arts. Ranging from television to video games it seems the artistic works meld into the islands’ society and culture.

Frog illustrations

In many new-age web designs we are seeing much more illustrated artwork and digital graphics. Icon designers have also integrated an enormous amount of hand-drawn effects into their works. Japanese website designs have become much more branded by the likes of mascots, illustrated vectors, and small page icons.

Similarly artists who offer these graphics showcase their work on many places throughout the web. Twitter backgrounds and Deviant Art accounts are full of some amazing illustrations from past designs.

This is a common trend amongst web designers and has been growing rapidly. Many Japanese companies which involve their products in the entertainment sector have gone above and beyond to create a dynamic user interface to match their website.

Katamari Damacy official

Many of the websites coming to mind include innovative virtual worlds from video games. Katamari Damacy and Kingdom Hearts II specifically stand out as offering a very powerful user interface presence. The striking similarity between menu links in-game and on the webpages are resounding.

This can be seen not only for these games, but countless other series. The most common approach of course is an entire Flash-based website constructed through ActionScript events. Even so, other Japanese graphics artists are creating unique UI effects outside of just the video game industry.

It’s not too often we’ll see images of physical reality built into the most popular websites of today. This is quite the contrary of many popular Japanese artists which in fact specialize in building outstanding modern-day layouts.

These include shots of arial birds-eye-view photos from cities and taller buildings. Many times the background or Flash animation on a page will include common everyday natural elements such as cats, trees, cars, and entire human cities. There are neat user effects applied to create a natural mood (e.g. website colors changing from day to night).

Shanghai Financial

These graphics of buildings and people can sometimes even be built into the website itself. The varied degree of creativity from Japan shows even entire websites using a small land mass as navigation for the entire website. Pages can be accessed via buildings, lawn signs, even blimps flying atop the page heading!

Below is a small collection of Japanese website designs. These include mostly Flash pages with animation effects and custom UI elements. If you’re looking for design inspiration this may be one of the most creative and “out-there” galleries.

The designs are from a selection of varied topics and niches from a handful of time periods. If you have other suggestions for similar websites feel free to share them in the comments below.


Eye Talk Town

Egao Saku

Hiroto Rakusho

Love Happy

kids wonder project

Naruhodo Agent

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